Adult Groups

6-week tennis courses for everyone from Beginners to Advanced players

Cardio Tennis

Aerobic drills & skills. 1hr group cardio sessions aimed to make you sweat!

Weekly sessions

Play flexibly & book weekly. Choose from match play to level-specific coaching


Half-day coaching clinics to develop
your tennis skills & match play


CourtFit tournaments, charity events,
socials, & seasonal parties


There are 8 specific levels that we cover in four broad categories across our sessions:

  • Beginner (0 – 2), Improver (3 -4), Intermediate (5 -6), and Advanced (7).
  • Level 0 – Never played before or less than 6 hours of relevant on court experience.
  • Level 1 – New to tennis and just getting started.
  • Level 2 – Still a beginner, but you might have a couple of coaching blocks under your belt.
  • Level 3 – Welcome into the ‘improver” category – you’re now rallying from the baseline and hitting serves!
  • Level 4 – The rallies are getting longer and the serves are more consistent, you can hit 5/10 serves over and in.
  • Level 5 – You’re adding different spins and power into your game.
  • Level 6 – You’re now looking to play matches and tournaments and are hitting with power, variety, and precision.
  • Level 7 – Things to work on still, but you’ve got all the shots and play 3-5 times a week, tennis – and competing – are now a big part of your life.

The levels are a guide for what will be covered in the sessions, but we always have a wide range of experience on court, which is half the fun! If you really feel that you are in the wrong class for you, just speak to your coach at the end of the session and they can put in a request to move you to a different session.

All fitness levels are welcome. Whether you’ve not picked up a racket before, or work out regularly, there are courses and drop-in sessions to meet your needs.

Everyone is welcome on court at CourtFit, and our main priority is to get people enjoying and engaging with the game.

If you have any concerns about your fitness or existing injuries, just let your coach know at the beginning of the session.