CourtFit junior term-time courses are available in line with the school terms. Courses are based on age group following the LTA Stages but are designed for young players to get on court regardless of their experience.

Sessions focus on developing fundamental movement skills, coordination, and balance, alongside the foundations of tennis. Drills will start to develop skills around rallies, volleys and serves, but the emphasis is on staying active, building confidence and having fun!

All CourtFit coaches are Licensed and affiliated with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). Through the LTA they are all DBS checked, first aid trained, attended a child safety course and all have been referenced checked from previous employers.

Booking process

When you click the ‘Book’ link, you will be redirected to our ClubSpark booking platform.

To book, you will need to create or Login with an LTA account, which is free. Please follow the instructions and contact us directly if you have any problems.

4-6 years old: LTA Youth Blue

This is all about having great fun & learning the basics through group exercises that teach the foundations of tennis, as well as improving co-ordination and balance.

Eel Brook CommonMon15:30 - 16:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Eel Brook CommonWed15:30 - 16:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Eel Brook CommonFri15:30 - 16:0012/01/24-22/03/24Book
Brook GreenMon15:30 - 16:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Brook GreenTue15:15 - 16:0009/01/24-26/03/24Book
Brook GreenWed15:30 - 16:1510/01/24-27/03/24Book
Brook GreenWed16:15 - 17:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Brook GreenThu15:30 - 16:1522/02/24-28/03/24Coming soon
Brook GreenSat09:00 - 09:4513/01/24-23/03/24Book

6-8 years old: LTA Youth Red

Introduction of drills to start to develop co-ordination around rallies, volleys and serves. Emphasis here is still on fun though – and building confidence on the court

Eel Brook CommonMon16:00 - 17:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Eel Brook CommonWed16:00 - 17:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Eel Brook CommonFri16:00 - 17:0012/01/24-22/03/24Book
Holland ParkMon16:00 - 17:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Holland ParkWed16:00 - 17:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Holland ParkThu16:15 - 17:0011/01/24-28/03/24Book
Holland ParkFri16:00 - 17:0012/01/24-22/03/24Book
Holland ParkSat10:00 - 11:0013/01/24-23/03/24Book
Brook GreenMon16:15 - 17:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Brook GreenTue16:00 - 17:0009/01/24-26/03/24Book
Brook GreenWed16:00 - 17:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Brook GreenThu16:00 - 17:0022/02/24-28/03/24Coming soon
Brook GreenFri16:00 - 17:0023/02/24-22/03/24Coming soon
Brook GreenSat09:00 - 10:0013/01/24-23/03/24Book
Brook GreenSat10:00 - 11:0013/01/24-23/03/24Book
Brook GreenSun09:00 - 10:00Weekly drop-inBook
Brook GreenSun10:00 - 11:00Weekly drop-inBook
Hurlingham ParkTue16:00 - 17:00Back in April
Hurlingham ParkSat09:00 - 10:0024/02/24-23/03/24Coming soon

8-9 years old: LTA Youth Orange​

This stage is all about getting excited to play a full game of tennis. Drills & exercises focus on understanding the rules, following basic tactics and starting to play matches together.

Eel Brook CommonWed17:00 - 18:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Eel Brook CommonFri17:00 - 18:0012/01/24-22/03/24Book
Eel Brook Common Sat11:00 - 12:0013/01/24-23/03/24Book
Holland ParkMon17:00 - 18:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Holland ParkTue16:15 - 17:0009/01/24-26/03/24Book
Holland ParkWed17:00 - 18:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Holland ParkThu17:00 - 18:0011/01/24-28/03/24Book
Holland ParkFri17:00 - 18:0012/01/24-22/03/24Book
Holland ParkSat10:00 - 11:0013/01/24-23/03/24Book
Brook GreenMon17:00 - 18:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Brook GreenTue17:00 - 18:0009/01/24-26/03/24Book
Brook GreenWed17:00 - 18:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Brook GreenThu17:00 - 18:0022/02/24-28/03/24Coming soon
Hurlingham ParkTue17:00 - 18:00Back in April
Hurlingham ParkSat10:00 - 11:0024/02/24-23/03/24Coming soon

9-11 years old: LTA Youth Green​

This stage looks at how to use the full court when playing tennis. Drills will help connect serving, rallying and responding to each other and all lessons will include match play.

Eel Brook CommonMon17:00 - 18:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Eel Brook CommonSat11:00 - 12:0013/01/24 - 23/03/24Book
Holland ParkMon17:00 - 18:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Holland ParkWed17:00 - 18:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Holland ParkWed18:00 - 19:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Holland ParkSat11:00 - 12:0013/01/24 - 23/03/24Book
Brook GreenMon18:00 - 19:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Brook GreenTue18:00 - 19:0009/01/24-26/03/24Book
Brook GreenSat11:00 - 12:0013/01/24 - 23/03/24Book
Hurlingham ParkTue17:00 - 18:00Back in April

11+ years old: LTA Youth Junior​

Junior tennis is all about building your own style of tennis and developing the skills and confidence to play on court.

Eel Brook CommonMon17:00 - 18:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Eel Brook CommonWed18:00 - 19:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Holland ParkMon18:00 - 19:0008/01/24-25/03/24Book
Holland ParkTue17:00 - 18:0009/01/24-26/03/24Book
Holland ParkWed18:00 - 19:0010/01/24-27/03/24Book
Holland ParkFri18:00 - 19:0012/01/24-22/03/24Book
Holland ParkSat13:00 - 14:0013/01/24-23/03/24Book
Holland ParkSat14:00 - 15:0013/01/24-23/03/24Book
Brook GreenThurs18:00 - 19:0022/02/24-28/03/24Coming soon
Brook GreenFri17:00 - 19:0012/01/24-22/03/24Book
Brook GreenSat11:00 - 12:0013/01/24-23/03/24Book
Brook GreenSun09:00 - 10:0025/01/24-24/03/24Coming soon
Hurlingham ParkSat11:00 - 12:0024/01/24-23/03/24Coming soon